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For a perfect EquiRencontre

All you need to know for your trip and weekend

How do I get to the Equirencontre?

On horseback, by carriage or by van.
Remember to fill in your trail-riding roadbook to participate in the contest for the various prizes: longest distance, largest group, etc. Need advice to plan your route? Two associations, AWTE and FFE, are ready to advise you on lodgings and relay stations, trails and places to avoid, other riders' routes, etc. All the information you need about the meeting place itself can be found below.

Vaccinations & Insurance

Vaccinating your horse against equine influenza and tetanos is compulsory. As a rider, check that you are covered by sport insurance. The FFE has a sport insurance plan if you don't have one. Riding insurance provided by other companies is also accepted. Remember to bring your horse's travel documents (or at least a copy of them) and health record with you.

How can I find a rider to join me on the trails?

Are you alone and looking for other riders or drivers to go with you to the Equirencontre? Well, then, check out the Equirencontre Facebook page, where you may post your announcement. We shall leave no stone unturned to help you!


Sport Federation

For sport insurance, training or insurance


Equestrian Tourism

Have a question about lodgings or trails? You can also contact the Walloon Equestrian Tourism Association (AWTE) for more information about the horse trails and accommodations that exist in Wallonia.

Riders' questions


What riding level is required?

Riders of all levels are welcome. However, you must be able to control your mount outside a ring and in the company of other horses. Being able to choose the right equipment for your horse is also fundamental. Finally, think about training for the event this spring.


What equipment is required during the Equirencontre?

You'll need equipment to set up a paddock for your horse and equipment for your own accommodation: a tent, electric torch, stakes and electric fencing, a battery for your fencing, a water bucket, feed bucket, and so on.


What are the paddocks like?

A portion of the meadow will be marked out for you. All told, you will have 100 m² (= 10 x 10 m) per horse, on which you will be able to set up your paddock but also park your vehicle and van and pitch your tent or whatever you need for your stay.


What about companions?

Friends and family are welcome throughout the weekend. All you need to do is to add meals for them (and rooms if necessary) when you fill in the registration form. Friday and Sunday evening meals: €25 each per companion. Saturday dinner: €45 per companion. A dormitory bed: €35 for 2 nights.


May I come for part of the weekend?

You will find all the information about this on the REGISTRATION page: both the detailed programme and the rates. Don't forget to book in time!


It is a first for my horse

If you are coming Friday by van and your horse regularly does 25 km days, no special training is required. If you are riding or driving your horse to the Equirencontre, feel free to ask us for advice, because you must prepare for such a journey. Our team includes people skilled in such matters and there is definitely an FFE club near you that will be able to help.


What about foreign riders/drivers?

Foreign riders/drivers are welcome, whether alone or in groups. The same registration form applies. Just make certain that your insurance covers you abroad!


Did you say FFE?

Careful: the FFE is not the FFE!
Indeed, we are talking about the non-profit French-speaking Riding Association in Belgium, NOT the Riding Federation of France (Fédération Française d'Equitation). Keep this subtle difference in mind regarding your insurance when you register online.


What is the vet check like?

Similar to an endurance vet check but far from the idea of competition. The vet is on hand when you arrive to advise you, if necessary, about the state of your horse's health after several days on the trail and how to improve it. S/he will also verify the horse's ID (chip) and health record and check for the absence of signs of (contagious) diseases.